Most Anticipated Reads: July, August, and September 2020

Hooooo boi. We’re at the halfway point of the year, and what a year it has been. COVID-19 is nowhere near over, and a ton of countries are not doing their jobs in containing the virus at all. *cough* Duterte and the IATF *cough*

The world seems like it’s going to shit, and sometimes it seems like you actively have to look for things that spark joy. And one of those things that spark joy is keeping an eye out on upcoming releases. So, as usual, here are my most anticipated reads for the third quarter of the year! (Check out my most anticipated reads for the first quarter of the year here, and the second quarter here.)

This list also includes books that were in my Most Anticipated Reads: March, April, and May 2020 post that were postponed to the third quarter of the year!

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Most Anticipated Releases: April, May, and June 2020

Hello, friends! The first quarter of the year is finally over (and whoo boy, each of those three months felt like an entire year, huh). Unfortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight yet.

But take heart, and have faith! We will get through this, but only if we have kindness and compassion for each other. (Which means – if you can, STAY INDOORS.)

To lighten the mood a bit, allow me to present to you my usual Most Anticipated Releases post. (Click the link to see the rest of them.) These are the books coming out in April, May, and June that I’m excited to read!

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Most Anticipated Releases: January, February, and March 2020

Hello friends! It’s that time of the year again when people’s most anticipated releases come up. I love writing these posts (mostly because I can’t wait to buy these books like the trash bookish gremlin I am, lol) but often have difficulty because there’s just too many books in one year that I want to read and would need an intensely long-ass post. But at the same time, I felt like writing a most anticipated release post every month was just too much effort.

I solved that problem last year by deciding to write a most anticipated post every quarter. I fell by the wayside last year (what else is new?) but I’m reviving my quarterly most anticipated series once more, and I’m so excited to get to read these books this year!

Read on to find out what I’m eager to check out for January, February, and March 2020!

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