[Mini-Review] 3 Adult Books Featuring Complex Female Characters

A couple of weeks ago, people on Twitter started acting up again (but what else is new) demanding that authors write complex female characters rather than female characters who simply fell into the archetype of “badass”. This, naturally, was not very well-received, and was also a dumb AF take. If you want to read about complex female characters, I highly suggest you check out the works of POC, queer, and/or disabled writers – you know, someone other than the usual cishet white women books you usually read?

Anyway, there have been some really great responses to this (one of my favorites is Fadwa’s video where she talks about 20 books with complex female characters – and most of them were written by POC!) so I wanted to chime in as well with a quick mini-review of three books I read recently, all of which also have complex female characters!

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[Book Review] Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie McLemore // a magic that reaches across five hundred years

I first read an Anna-Marie McLemore book last year, when I finally finished Wild Beauty. I found myself utterly enchanted, and determined to read more of their books.

Read on to find out what I loved so much about this incredibly moving and lyrically-written book!

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