[Book Review] Keep Faith // a compelling look at the crossroads of queerness and faith

When Gabhi Martins, the editor of this anthology, reached out to me on Twitter about possibly receiving a copy of and reviewing Keep Faith, I was excited. I’d already heard about the book through the bookish Twitter grapevine. As a queer person and a devout Catholic, I keenly felt the lack of fiction that dealt with how to navigate either community while being a member of both. The authors of the various short stories in Keep Faith were able to represent that reality beautifully.

Read on to find out why I loved it so much!

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[Book Review] Second Wave Summer – Multiple Authors // romance, the beach, and a music festival

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Title: Second Wave Summer

Author: Six de los Reyes, Tara Frejas, and Jay E. Tria

Age Range: Adult

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Anthology

Rating: 4/5


All roads lead back to beachside music festival Summer Crush for another weekend of high waves, rock & roll, and the promise of summer romance.

On any given day, Michael Brian doesn’t need to do much to hit the right notes with a girl, but there’s something about this day—and something about this girl—that’s got him out of tune.

Indie filmmaker Datu puts on his dusty event videographer hat for Summer Crush. But memories of a love he let slip away resurface from every corner of this surf town. Now what he thought would be an easy job just isn’t so easy anymore.

Corporate-highflyer-on-vacation Ringo has a question to which cookie bar boss woman Kris has the answer, if only they’d stop getting in each other’s way.

Content Warnings: Explicit sexual content

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