[Book Review] Girl Gone Viral – Arvin Ahmadi // an introspective analysis of relationships, storytelling, and technology

I WAS ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO HAVE THIS REVIEW UP LAST NIGHT. 😅 But ya tita foolishly overtaxed herself at the gym last night, so now I’m home with a slight fever and a really painful left knee. (Context: I dislocated my left knee when I was in uni and it’s never really been the same since. I have to be really careful about it when doing physical exercise, but this dumb bunny decided to push herself yesterday even though her knee was screaming, “Take a break, you dumb bitch!”)

I hadn’t actually heard of Girl Gone Viral before. I hadn’t even heard of anything by Arvin Ahmadi. But when I saw this book being promoted by my faves, Bookworms United PH, on their Twitter accounts, I was curious enough to check it out on Goodreads – and the summary seemed so cool and intriguing that I decided to sign up for the blog tour!

I’m honestly so grateful to Bookworms United PH and, of course, to Penguin Random House Global, for selecting me to be part of this tour because…we got physical ARCs! Look at that gorgeous photo below! Isn’t it beautiful? I’ll have tons more pictures of this beautiful ARC on my Instagram so head on over if you’d like to see more.

2019-05-15 08.31.35 2.jpg

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