Goals and Categories for Good Readance 2020

Hello friends! I’m super excited for today’s post because it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I’ve long toyed with the idea of giving my bookish life the Marie Kondo treatment. And I’m talking everything in my bookish life – my physical books, my Goodreads shelves, the e-books on the Kindle app in my iPad, e v e r y t h i n g.

I just never really found the motivation to give my bookish life the overhaul it badly needed. Enter Good Readance 2020 hosted by Shealea @ Shut Up, Shealea! (Have you checked out her revamped blog yet? No? Then what the heck are you waiting for?)

As I was reading her plans for Good Readance 2020, I found myself nodding eagerly, completely inspired to get started. So here are my goals for cleaning up my Goodreads, my physical shelves, and everything else about my bookish life!

Spreadsheets galore!

I started keeping spreadsheets of my books in 2018, but never really thought of upping my spreadsheet game until I started seeing free resources from Fadwa and Kal. (Click the links if you’d like to check out their spreadsheets! Don’t forget to tip them via Ko-Fi if you found their stuff helpful.)

Using tips and tricks from them both, I tweaked my spreadsheets until I…more or less?…have them how I want them to be. There’s still a lot I want to improve on terms of tracking statistics and so forth, but for now I’m as happy as can be with how they look.

Here are the spreadsheets I want to complete:

  • All the physical books I own
  • All the physical ARCs I own
  • All the e-ARCs still available on my iPad
  • All the e-books I have on my iPad

Unhaul books

I’ve been doing #StartOnYourShelfathon – a readathon hosted by CW where you basically try to read everything that’s on your backlist – since the beginning of the year. I’ve managed to make quite a dent in my TBR (you can check out my update here!) but there’s still so many books that I haven’t really started out on, and it’s got me wondering if I should just unhaul them considering they haven’t really grabbed my attention.

I also want to unhaul ARCs of books that I already have physical copies of (except for my Rin Chupeco and Gail Villanueva ARCs – I’m fully planning on being buried with those). The last time I tried to host a giveaway, it flopped hard. (Understandably so, because that was during March of this year, which was when COVID-19 was really gaining steam, so no one was really in the mood to participate I guess and also shipping would have been a problem considering the lockdown.) Now that things are a bit better, I hope I can host a giveaway again and hopefully have it go well.

Lastly, I want to unhaul the books I’ve already read but just…didn’t enjoy. I was rearranging my bookshelves last week and it made me realize that there are quite a few books that I read and liked at first, but the longer I thought about it, the more I realized I wasn’t really too into them. There are also, of course, books that I bought thinking I’d like them, and ended up disappointed instead. These books are taking up way too much valuable real estate in my already small apartment, so it’s time to let them go to new homes that would hopefully love them more than I do!

Goodreads and Storygraph

I want to write a review for every book I catalogue on Goodreads – even if it’s just a two-sentence, “I didn’t really enjoy this book, and here’s why.” Ambitious? Maybe. But my anal-retentive self genuinely cannot stand seeing blank entries in the “My Books” section. So I’m planning to come up with a standard review format for Goodreads (which definitely won’t be as extensive as my review format that I use for my blog) and fill up all the blogs that I’ve marked as read.

I also want to shelve the books properly. I’m planning on having shelves according to the following categories:

  • Author rep
  • On-page rep
  • Ratings: 1-would not recommend, 3-recommended with caution, 4-recommended, 5-highest of recommendations
  • Childhood favorites
  • Books I liked hate-reading

And lastly, I’m also going to work on transferring all of this information to Storygraph! In case you didn’t know, Storygraph is a book-cataloguing website just like Goodreads but they’re so much better because they really personalize recommendations to your tastes (and the recommendations are uncannily spot-on!), the look of the website is just so much better and neater (and not like its last update was in 2006 – blech), and last I heard they were planning on adding trigger warnings to the site. We stan!

Rating system

I was super inspired by Shealea’s new rating system! Basically, she now sticks to rating books on a 1-4-5 system. 1 for books she didn’t like, 4 for books that she recommends, and 5 for books that are highly recommended. If you’d like to know more about it, go ahead and click the link I included.

I asked her permission to copy her rating system and when she said go ahead, I decided to implement it in my Goodreads and my blog with a little bit of my own tweaking. This is what I came up with:

5 starsHighly Recommended

My all-time favorites. There was almost nothing I disliked about this book, or if there was something I did dislike, everything else that was good about the book just intensely outweighed it. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone regardless of reading taste.
4 starsRecommended

There are books that I enjoyed but didn’t like enough to consider a 5-star book. Problems I had with these books will usually only be with execution – things another look-through by an editor would fix.
3 starsRecommended with caution

I enjoyed some facet of the book like its characters or its plot, but I can’t fully recommend this book because of problematic content. I will state all problems that I had with the book fully in any review that I publish.
1 starNot recommended

There was nothing redeemable or enjoyable about this book and I cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone. Problems may be either problematic content or execution of the writing. I will state all problems that I had with the book fully in any review that I publish.

Finish all of this by the end of October!

My ultimate, ultimate, ultimate goal?

Finish all of this in two months!

In November, I’m joining NaNoWriMo (!!!!!) but cheating a little bit to be honest – because I’ve already started writing my WIP in June, lmfao. But I’m hoping to get 50,000 words down and under my belt, since my number goal for my WIP really is to finish my first draft this year. Obviously, I’ll be focusing all of my November on working on my WIP, so I really hope to have all my cleanup done by then.

That’s it!

☕ What do you think of Good Readance 2020? Will you be participating?
☕ Do you use spreadsheets to track your books and your reading?
☕ Share your goals, targets, tips and tricks for participating in Good Readance 2020!

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18 thoughts on “Goals and Categories for Good Readance 2020

  1. I am no where near as organised as you with my books, but I am participating in GoodReadance to reorganise my Goodreads shelves! I’m also hoping to take part in NaNo this year, but not to hit 50k, just to get back to writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There are some books that I just don’t have a lot to say about, and then end up putting it off. So, yeah, that’s one thing I wanna tackle and I do need to clean up my rating system as well! After reading Shealea’s post, I do think I’ll participate just to clean up my Kindle and Goodreads/Storygraph shelves.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I just started putting everything into a spreadsheet and I’m already in love cause it looks so nice and put together! I definitely want to do something to my goodreads shelves but I haven’t decided specific categories yet – I feel like I’ve always been more of a passive reader but being part of the book community I do want to push myself to be more proactive with how I view/talk about the books I read and I think the shelves part is a fun way to start (?) hope you’re able to achieve all of your goals!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This inspired me to do my own Good Readance and just generally take into account all of my books. I think the moat difficult one would really be catgorizing and taking note of my physical books. Ever since we moved, it’s been shoved in nooks and crannies of my house and it’s driving me nuts wah!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I like the sound of “Good Riddance 2020”!
    I feel you about having books on my “read” shelf on Goodreads without a review,; it bothers me so much, I don’t really know why.
    I actually went through and marked the books I didn’t have reviews for and I plan to do a re-read of those books so I can review them!
    Good luck with all your goals! 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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