Book Characters That Would Get Along

Hello guys, gals, and nonbinary pals! Welcome back to my blog. Today, I’m bringing to you a post that I’ve been thinking about for sometime, ever since lockdown began. Obviously, social distancing and staying home means that I can’t exactly see my friends, and as an admittedly extroverted person (a rarity in the book community, I know!) quarantining has been a little hard on me.

So it got me wondering, which of the characters of my favorite books would get along and eventually become friends? Which leads me to this post!

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1) Lan from The Never-Tilting World, Tala from Steel Crow Saga, and Kalen from The Heart Forger

I can see Lan from The Never-Tilting World, Tala from Steel Crow Saga, and Kalen from The Heart Forger commiserating over the powerful, important people they have to babysit who they actually deeply care for but would never admit it to anyone other than themselves! (Which is why I specifically chose Kalen in The Heart Forger, which is when we begin to see him developing feelings for Tea.) All three are also incredibly loyal to their loved ones, and all are excellent fighters as well. They would definitely engage in a sparring match and then have drinks after where they talk about (and jokingly trash) each other’s fighting techniques!

2) Talyien from The Wolf of Oren-Yaro, Wen and Shae from Jade City

Queen Talyien, Kaul Shae, and Kaul Wen are women in positions of influence who are reluctant to assume power, but do so anyway when circumstances demand it of them. They’re all unswervingly loyal, and would do anything for the ones they loved. Talyien and Wen especially would bond over the complexities of being a wife and mother. I feel like they’d have afternoon tea and talk about the stuff going on in their lives and it’d be their weekly de-stressing session. And then Shae and Wen would tell Hilo about Rayyel and then he’d take a couple of Fists and “take care” of him.

3) Enrique from The Gilded Wolves and Jay from Patron Saints of Nothing

Although separated by more than a hundred years (lol), both Enrique and Jay are mixed Filipino kids (Enrique is Filipino-Spanish, and Jay is Filipino-American) who struggle with their identities and being accepted as Filipino. In Enrique’s case, it’s being able to contribute to the ilustrado who write essays and articles in La Solidaridad. For Jay, it’s discovering what really happened to his cousin Jun and finding a way to fit in amongst his Filipino family. I think the two of them would have really fruitful discussions about their contributions to the Filipino cause!

4) Annie from Fireborne and Hesina from Descendant of the Crane

Unlike the other characters mentioned in this list, Annie’s and Hesina’s backgrounds are as different as can be. Annie was born from a poor family, while Hesina is a princess. But I think both would actually be really good friends because they’re both young women suddenly burdened with the responsibilities of being leaders and ensuring the safety of their people. They’re both surrounded by advisors they’re not sure they can trust, and both must learn how to discern for themselves what the right thing to do is. I can see the two of them writing long letters to each other – in some incredibly complicated spy-proof code, of course – asking the other for advice, or else ranting about Lee and Akira.

5) Nahri from The City of Brass, Arwa from Realm of Ash, and Fatima Ghazala from The Candle and The Flame

Nahri, Arwa, and Fatima Ghazala can all relate to the struggle of discovering who they are, where they come from, and the spiritual significance of their newly-discovered (or heretofore unknown) magical abilities. Despite having very different backgrounds (compare Nahri’s history as a thief to Fatima Ghazala being poor but having a family and a job to Arwa being a pampered noblewoman) I’m convinced all three would be able to bond over their experiences discovering their true identities, reconnecting with their people, and finding love along the way.

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Let’s hear from you!

☕ Do you agree with the characters I said would be friends? Why or why not?
☕ Which characters do you think would be good friends?
☕ Have you read any of these books?

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