My Fave Books by Muslim Authors + Muslim Bloggers to Support this Ramadan

Hello friends! Welcome back to my blog. Today, I’m bringing to you a post hyping up some of my most favorite books written by Muslim authors and some of my favorite Muslim bookish content creators that you really need to check out this Ramadan – and for the rest of the year as well.

The content creators I talk about write some of the best reviews, take amazing Instagram photos, or have the best hot takes on Twitter ever. Their content was what originally got me following them, but through interacting, I discovered that they’re also some of the nicest, smartest, funniest people ever, and now I’m very proud to say that I count them my friends!

Meanwhile, these books are some of the most lush, vivid stories I’ve ever read, with important lessons to part and ideas to share. They’re a peek into various worlds and cultures that I am absolutely loving to learn about. They’ve given me pairings to root for, heroines to be obsessed with, love interests to squeal over, and the most amazing world-building. And the authors are really great people as well!

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[Mini-Review] 3 Adult Fantasies That Blew My Mind

Orbit really be out here taking our money and leaving us ready to give them more, huh?

Today, I’ll be bringing to you three fantasy books that I recently read and absolutely adored. If you’re looking to diversify your adult fantasy shelf, definitely check out this post. I’ve got three underrated gems just waiting to catch your attention. 😉

As an added bonus, they’re all written by authors of colour! And as Leo Tolstoy once said, support authors of color.

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[Mini-Review] 3 Adult Books Featuring Complex Female Characters

A couple of weeks ago, people on Twitter started acting up again (but what else is new) demanding that authors write complex female characters rather than female characters who simply fell into the archetype of “badass”. This, naturally, was not very well-received, and was also a dumb AF take. If you want to read about complex female characters, I highly suggest you check out the works of POC, queer, and/or disabled writers – you know, someone other than the usual cishet white women books you usually read?

Anyway, there have been some really great responses to this (one of my favorites is Fadwa’s video where she talks about 20 books with complex female characters – and most of them were written by POC!) so I wanted to chime in as well with a quick mini-review of three books I read recently, all of which also have complex female characters!

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Most Anticipated Releases: April, May, and June 2020

Hello, friends! The first quarter of the year is finally over (and whoo boy, each of those three months felt like an entire year, huh). Unfortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight yet.

But take heart, and have faith! We will get through this, but only if we have kindness and compassion for each other. (Which means – if you can, STAY INDOORS.)

To lighten the mood a bit, allow me to present to you my usual Most Anticipated Releases post. (Click the link to see the rest of them.) These are the books coming out in April, May, and June that I’m excited to read!

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