[Movie Review] Dead Kids // a heist movie and social commentary rolled into one – NOT SPOILER-FREE!!

Howdy-do, guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Welcome to the first ever movie review on my blog!

Unlike books, I’ve never really taken the time to dissect a film before. Either I like a movie, or I don’t. I’ve never been into debating the finer points of this scene or that, or delving into the deeper meaning of significant dialogue. (Just ask my boyfriend, who had to painstakingly break down all the Akira Kurosawa references in Star Wars for me because I just didn’t get it.) The most I do is call out movies that have harmful representation. Literally, that’s it.

But I just knew I had to make an exception for Dead Kids. It’s honestly my new fave, and if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest you do so!

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