RECAP: Celebrating Gail D. Villanueva

Hallelu, comrades! If you’ve been following me on Twitter, then you already know that I decided to devote August to reading at least 26 books to celebrate my 26th birthday! (Here’s my Amazon wishlist if you’re feeling generous!) Honestly, this little break has been absolutely great for me. It’s now August 17 as I write this and I have read eight entire ass books! That’s a book every two days. I haven’t read this much since…well, ever, to be honest.

However! I just had to take the effort this month to celebrate one of my most favourite people ever – Gail D. Villanueva, the author of My Fate According to the Butterfly, one of my most anticipated 2019 releases! (Check out my review here, and to see the reviews of other participants, peep the #ButterflyTour hashtag on Twitter or Instagram or scroll to the end of my review for links to blog tour stops!)

So here’s an entire blog post dedicated to this amazing, talented, hard-working woman!

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The My Fate According to the Butterfly book launch!

Last August 4 was the official Philippine launch of My Fate According to the Butterfly, which took place at the Philippine Readers and Writers Festival 2019 at the Raffles Hotel Makati. It was a lovely, well-attended event hosted by Tarie Sabido and featuring a ton of questions from the audience, most of whom were middle school and high school kids! My heart just absolutely melted at the thought of all these young brown kids getting to see an internationally-published book with a character that looks like them on the front cover.

Check out these photos!

2019-08-04 11.07.26 2.jpg

Gail talking about the publishing process she went through!

I even got to read a chapter of My Fate According to the Butterfly, and according to the audience I did pretty okay! (Maybe I could read live for #romanceclass sometime? 😉)


We also got to see the lovely folks of Bookworms Unite PH – JM, Inah, Miel, and Salve – present a talk on Asian representation in YA literature!

2019-08-17 07.01.38 2.jpg

Check out @bookwrmsuniteph for more events like this!

2019-08-17 07.01.36 1.jpg

The best Filipino book blogging community ever!

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Gail’s thanksgiving party at The Alley!

To celebrate the release of My Fate According to the Butterfly, Gail and Marc (Gail’s lovely husband, who calls Shealea, Cara, and I “the talls and the small” lmao) hosted a thanksgiving dinner at The Alley by Vikings. It was such a nice gathering where we got to meet up and have fun with members of the the other members of this warm, supportive, woke community.

2019-08-16 04.55.28 3.jpg

Me, Hazel, Shealea, Tarie, Gail, Stef, Kara, Kara’s partner, JM, and Rin!

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Still haven’t ordered My Fate According to the Butterfly?

2019-08-17 06.43.36 1.jpg

2019-08-17 06.43.35 1.jpg

Thank you Gail and Joyce Bautista for the finished hardback copy!

Check out purchase links here and here! Filipino readers can also visit National Bookstore and Fully Booked!

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