May 2019 Wrap-Up

Hallelu, guys, gals, and enby pals!

Woah, you guys. May has just been the most amazing month for me! I feel like I finally got my blogging groove back, and it feels so good!

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Kamusta, Tita?

So, just a quick head’s up: this is not gonna be formatted like my usual wrap-up and TBR. For one thing, I’ll no longer be really wrapping up the books I read for that month or talking about what I’m planning on reading for the next month. Why’s that, you ask? Because update numero uno about ya tita – I made a booktube channel! It’s also called Your Tita Kate, and you can go ahead and click the link to subscribe. (Pretty please? 😉)

Anyway, as you might have gathered, I will be moving my book wrap-ups and my TBRs to my booktube channel. I figured it would make my blog less cluttered and allow readers (and myself as the writer of the blog’s content, of course, lmfao) to focus more on reviews and discussion posts rather than quick and easy lists. I’m planning on filming my May bookish wrap-up and my June TBR over the weekend, so do go check out that when it’s up!

But Tita, you ask, are you still gonna be posting any housekeeping or updates on your blog? Yes, of course! It’s just that these updates will no longer really talk about everything I’ve read for that month and what I plan on reading next month. It’s gonna be more of…a little chat with ya friendly neighborhood tita!

Other updates in my life as a book blogger? Well, I’ve finally gotten my bookstagram to grow consistently! Who knew the key was in daily posting? 😅 Go ahead and follow me at @yourtitakate if you haven’t yet! Aside from cute bookish photos, I also post a lot about my cat!

Ooh, speaking of cats! I got another cat! Y’all probably know I have a ten-month-old tortoiseshell Persian mix I named Espresso. Well, since I got her spayed about three weeks ago (thank you to everyone who tweeted this nervous cat mum well wishes and helped me feel better about having her undergo an operation!), and since my roommate said he was okay with it, I thought of adding to my little growing family! My new baby is a three-month old calico Persian mix named Macchiato!

I’ll probably formally introduce Espresso and Macchiato to y’all through the videos I plan on filming this weekend! So if cats continuously interrupting booktube videos are your thing, well, you know what to do. 😉

Another awesome thing that happened? I got accepted to the street team for Akemi Dawn Bowman’s Harley in the Sky, out in Spring 2020! Cover will be revealed sometime in the first week of June, so stick around for that. But in the meantime, add it on Goodreads here!

And finally, I can’t believe that this actually happened, but ya tita finally had a Galit Na Naman Si Tita discussion post where I was actually angry. Click here to read it, but be warned—that shit got really ugly, really fast.


What’s in store for next month?

I’m super excited for June for a few reasons. One: I’m on a ton of really fun and exciting blog tours that I’m eager to write my reviews for. (Y’all are not ready for how much I’m going to scream about Patron Saints of Nothing.)

Two: The blog tour Cara, Shealea, and I organized for My Fate According to the Butterfly will be in full swing by next month, with reviews, posts, and photos coming out in July shortly before the book’s launch! Follow the tour using the hashtag #ButterflyTour on Twitter and on Instagram.

And three: it’s Pride Month!!!

Pride means a lot to me, not just as a queer person, but also someone who’s highly involved in the activist community. Never forget that Pride began as a protest against police brutality, and everyone who celebrates Pride needs to keep that spirit alive. I firmly believe in no pride for some of us without liberation for all of us – and that includes the workers who suffer unethical labor practices from greedy corporations, students unable to continue education because of increased tuition fees, the poor who are being murdered by cops every, indigenous folks being displaced because rich men want their land, every single person suffering under the yoke of someone whiter, richer, more privileged than they are. I’m so excited to attend Metro Manila Pride March, whose theme this month is #ResistTogether, working off of that reality.

By the way, Metro Manila Pride will take place on June 29 in Marikina. Hit me up if you don’t have anyone to march with! We’ll get coffee and make cute signs!

Does Pride Month mean anything for my blog? Hell yes it does! Nothing but queer books everywhere, queer books as far as the eye can see! The TBR video I’ll be filming over the weekend will all be queer books, and I’ve got some additional content for y’all: I’ll also be doing a video of books with explicitly bisexual characters! Ya tita has got to rep her own orientation, after all!

And for my last update for next month, I wanna tell you all that for the first week of June, Shealea @ Shut Up, Shealea and I will be roomies. Your fave QC-based book blogger got an internship with Ayala (we should form a club—“I sold my soul to greedy capitalists so I could get by in life”) whose headquarters are, unfortunately, in Makati, and that is hella far from QC. So until she finds another dorm, she’ll be crashing at my apartment. 😂

Oh, this is going to be a month of shenanigans.

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3 thoughts on “May 2019 Wrap-Up

  1. Oh yess!! I’m already subbed to your channel & I think you’re a natural in front of the camera already! Also I have so much respect for bookstagramners because taking all those beautiful photos must take a lot of time effort. I may start one myself but who knows? Congrats on your Instagram growth Tita! Lol this is a bit unrelated but since your cat’s name is espresso, I’m reminded of how I drank my first legit cup of coffee this may.. and it was three packs of instant coffee with minimal water and no milk/cream of anything. My friend said it would help me stay energized & I was actually able to stay up the whole night without getting tired whatsoever it was WILD. I’m so excited to hear you scream about Patron Saints of Nothing!!

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