[Book Review + Giveaway] With the Fire on High – Elizabeth Acevedo // the phrase “it takes a village” in book form

You ever see a book cover and then think, whatever that book is about, you just know beyond a doubt that you’re gonna love that story? Like, the cover is just so beautiful and speaks to you so much that you know its contents are gonna be just as great?

That’s how I felt when I first saw the cover for With the Fire On High.

I mean, you all know how hard I bat for POC on book covers. And this one, with a lovely Afro-Latinx curly-haired girl in a stylish head scarf (a thing I’m learning to do to my own hair!), is just so beautiful. Plus that color palette, and the grapefruit and orange pattern all over is the right something extra that the cover needed to push it from ‘wow’ to ‘omfg I gotta read this right away!’

All of that, plus that amazing summary? Sign me the hell up! 😍

So you can imagine just how grateful I was when Karina @ Afire Pages said I was gonna be part of the blog tour, I was ecstatic! I read it in one sitting, on a Saturday when I had nothing else to do. When I was done, I literally wanted to grab the nearest person and yell at them about how good the book was – which, the nearest person was my cat, so I did grab her and tell her about good the book was, as evidenced by the photo here.

2019-05-01 04.36.19 1.jpg

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