A #KateLeaLumpur Recap, Or Kate Tries to Travel Blog

Halleluuuu guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Whoo boy, have I got a post for you today.

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, then you probably know that Shealea @ Shut Up Shealea and I went to Kuala Lumpur, because Shealea is a kickass WOC academic who does both her school and her country proud. Her paper on the Philippine media’s role in vaccine reluctance was accepted for presentation at an international conference on communication, and I couldn’t be any more prouder.

While she was giving Cara and I the good news over lunch one afternoon, Shealea also confessed that she had reservations about going to the conference because the registration fee was hella expensive, and also she wasn’t comfortable flying to another country by herself. Enter me, impulsive tita extraordinaire. I’ve been wanting a vacation out of the country for the longest time, and I looooooove Kuala Lumpur (it’s honestly one of my favorite Southeast Asian cities!), so I said to Shealea: “If you decide to go to that conference, I’ll go with you.”

Thus began this crazy-ass, fun-as-hell trip.

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To cut a long story short, Shealea and I found ourselves on a plane to Kuala Lumpur (prior to which I had met her family at the airport because her parents wanted to meet the only-slightly-older-than-she-is reprobate “chaperoning” their daughter – her mom is gloriously badass and her dad is hella cute). We landed with no issue, grabbed lunch, and then rode the KLIA Ekspress train into the city.

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Shealea and I didn’t get to sit together on the plane – we checked in late because I woke up late. My b.

We spent our first afternoon in the city gushing over our AirBnB (which you pretty much already know if you watched the #KateLeaLumpur videos Shealea uploaded to Twitter, lol). The next couple of days, Shealea spent at her conference being a kickass presenter. (And, naturally, I took a couple photos.)

1970-01-01 07.30.00 24.jpg


While she was off being her bad nerd self, I got the chance to meet up with Aradhna @ Folded Between the Pages of Books. She took me around Suria @ KLCC, helped me buy everyone’s copies of The Weight of Our Sky (which are on their way through the mail for those who opted for shipping!), and we took photos in front of the Petronas Twin Towers. We also had lunch and I had the most delicious nasi lemak (if you haven’t tried nasi lemak yet, you’re missing half your life!). Aradhna was fun to hang out with, and the conversation flowed so easily. I was honestly so happy to meet her!


Our third day in Kuala Lumpur was the day of Shealea’s presentation! Like the proud tita friend I am, I went with her to watch her presentation – and of course took photos!

1970-01-01 07.30.00 29.jpg

After Shealea’s presentation was over, she decided to stick around for the other communication nerds’ presentations, so I went to the nearby mall to do some grocery shopping (and vlogging, lol). I also took the opportunity to film my review of Descendant of the Crane (which, go order!). We also took photos by our AirBnB’s windows, because Shealea’s dad is great at picking out AirBnBs!




In the evening, we met up with Kevin @ Bookevin! We had dinner at a lovely Chinese place, boba, and then of course went to Kinokuniya and BookXcess to shop! I ended up getting myself hardback copies of The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi, Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman, A Thousand Beginnings and Endings by various authors, and She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb. (RIP my baggage allowance.)

The next day, Shealea and I decided to do something naturey, so we went to check out the Botanical Garden and the KL Bird Park. Much fun was had – mostly from me, because as it turns out, Shealea is scared of wildlife. 😅 (I am a mean person, but the schadenfraude was just too good.)



Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Shealea and I found an enclosure of cranes!!!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

The saltiest of the salty!

For our last day in KL, Shealea and I went to one of the most famous spots in the city: the Batu Caves. It was a nerve-wracking climb (not to mention Shealea ran into more wildife, in the form of a ton of monkeys) but we got quite a few excellent photos!



Thanks to the two Indian tourists who took this photo for us!

And that wraps up #KateLeaLumpur. Hopefully we get to go on a trip again soon, and this time with Cara and other Filipino book bloggers! (I hear there’s a book festival in Singapore this November…)

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11 thoughts on “A #KateLeaLumpur Recap, Or Kate Tries to Travel Blog

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  2. OMG, I remember seeing all your IG stories while you both were on this trip and it was SO much fun to watch you both having so much fun XD Loving all these pictures 😀 And woah, it must have been so cool to meet the fellow book bloggers!!!

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  3. Miss you, Kate! Glad your KL trip was memorable, and there’s a festival in November??? Hmm, maybe I should visit my parents then so I’ll also be in Singapore that time if you guys come haha.


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