[Book Review] Descendant of the Crane – Joan He // one-part political intrigue, one-part murder mystery, all-over excellence

Picture this. Everyone on my Twitter feed and their mother had read Descendant of the Crane, a 2019 publication that was touted to be like Chinese Game of Thrones. That, plus an utterly gorgeous cover, pretty much guaranteed that this book would make it to the top of my must read list.

By mid-February, I had pretty much lost all hope of ever getting an ARC and had resigned myself to just pre-ordering and waiting for the Chinese fantasy goodness to arrive on my iPad. But then – the clouds parted and lightning struck. Edelweiss granted my request for an ARC. I screamed, took a screenshot, tweeted said screenshot, and reveled in the congratulations from my followers – as well as the dire warnings from those who’d read it already that this book would break my heart.

They were right. Read on to find out why!

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