Classics I *Actually* Enjoyed

One of my IRL friends is an English teacher, and came over to my apartment yesterday so we could work together (and also so she could mooch off of my wi-fi). She was putting together a syllabus for her high school students, which got me to thinking about the classic books that are assigned to students every year, and their actual worth to us as readers.

The subject of classics is a Pandora’s box within the bookish community Рand with good reason. There are school classics that serve no further purpose on the curriculum, and which the modern day reader no longer finds relevant or Рeven worse Рwhich actively hurts the modern reader with its outdated sensibilities.

However, there are a handful of classics from my own high school and elementary school days that I enjoyed back then as a kid or teenager, and that I still enjoy now as a twenty-plus-year-old. Check them out below!

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