February 2019 Wrap-Up & March 2019 TBR

Hey guys, gals, and enby pals! Welcome to my February recap and March TBR!

Unfortunately, February wasn’t as great a month as January turned out to be – but I still have hopes for March being better!

Read on to find out why! Let’s get crackalackin’!

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Books I Read

A Spark of White Fire by Sangu Mandanna – Read my full review here! 5/5.

Kiss and Cry by Mina V. Esguerra – A heartwarming second-chance tale about a figure skater and a hockey player rediscovering what it means to follow their dreams, and their hearts. Review to come soon. 4/5.

Enlightenment by Reno Ursal – An urban fantasy inspired by Filipino myths and legends. I’m hosting the #EnlightmentBlogTour which begins on March 11, so I hope you’ll be following along! 3/5.

Mr. Hotshot CEO by Jackie Lau – A cutesy-pie romcom featuring a workaholic CEO, a girl who has no time for anyone’s manic pixie dream girl bullshit, and some real depression representation. 5/5.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo – The critically-acclaimed sequel to Six of Crows. A reread from last 2015. 5/5.

Descendant of the Crane by Joan He – *INSERT NOTHING BUT SCREAMING HERE*. 5/5.

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March 2019 TBR

Here’s what I plan on reading this month!

Flipping the Script by Danice Mae P. Sison – The second #romanceclass YA novel, all about an old movie studio  rivalry now played out by the fact that the scions of the two warring families are in love. Romeo and Juliet, minus the sad ending, plus the Filipino film industry! This came out last March 1, so get your copies here!

The Shadowglass by Rin Chupeco – I didn’t get to read this last February, but you can be sure that I’ll be finishing this this month. It’s released on March 5, so don’t forget to get your copies here or here!

Kingdom of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty – I finally got a copy to the recently-released sequel to City of Brass, which broke my heart and blew my mind. Get a copy here!

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So how was your month, Tita?

Not good, friend. Not good at all.

It seems it wasn’t just me though. I’ve been reading quite a few wrap-ups from other bloggers and it seems like February was kind of a bad month for us, either physically or mentally speaking. Hugs all around, y’all. We got this.

For my part, I just felt totally out of sync. My head felt like it was screwed on too tight. I was tired and unmotivated all the time this month. I really had to struggle to get out any kind of content, whether it was on my blog, my Instagram, or even just working on my WIP. I felt dry and wrung out, y’all. And I don’t know why.

Honestly, if I could describe how February felt to me, I’d have to say it was one giant meh. I felt bored, uninspired, and uncaring of life. I felt unproductive as hell, and I sorta hated myself for it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to actually do anything to remedy that situation.

If any of you has any tips for getting out of this slump, I’d appreciate it.

Anyway, I’m hoping this March will be a better month for me. I have some great things coming up, writing-wise: I signed up for a #romanceclass workshop on March 9, and Stef and I have agreed to be writing accountability partners. I’ve pledged to her to write eight chapters of my WIP by the end of this month, so I’m feeling pretty hopeful about that! (Also, check out Stef’s services as a sensitivity reader or developmental editor!)

Basically, I’m hoping March will finally be the month this year that all that I promised about my writing will finally take off!

In addition to this, I really need to get on the housekeeping part of my blog. I’ve fixed my About page, my Contacts page, and my Rating System & Review Policy, but I still don’t have an index for all the books I’ve reviewed on this blog!!!!!! I will do my best to rectify that this March!

Other personal goals? Hopefully, get more Instagram engagement, pick up where I left off of bullet-journaling, and get my cat spayed. (Looking into selling some more books to be able to fund that last thing. Anyone interested?)

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So tell me!

☕ How was your February?
☕ What are your plans for March? Are any of your goals similar to mine?
☕ Anything interesting happen to you lately?

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7 thoughts on “February 2019 Wrap-Up & March 2019 TBR

  1. Ahhh, I’m sorry February was suck-ish! Sending you loads of hugs and cookies (if cookies aren’t your thing, that’s okay too, hehe! ❤ I hope your March will be brighter. Also yay to finally getting to writing! I have *plans* to take off with writing in March too, but considering my lazy bottom, it might just stay a plan, woops. Hope it goes better for you, though. Your read books in February are A++ too, by the way, ahhh. 💕


  2. I’m so sorry that February hasn’t been the best month – I feel like it’s not a really awesome month for a lot of people, I know personally I always have a hard time with January and February as a whole. I hope that March will be way better and that you’ll feel a little less into this slump, too, sending you all the positive vibes for this month ❤ I find that, just like another commenter said, adding something new to your routine can work and, personally, launching myself into a project, getting back into writing, blogging, having some things to look forward to and to plan out, always make me more motivated and a little less… slumpy, somehow. I hope you'll have a better March! ❤


  3. I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t have the best February 😔 Hopefully March will be so much better and you will get back into feeling like yourself! Flipping the Script sounds awesome, as does Descent of the Crane. I really want to get to those two as soon as my ARC and university obligations are over! (by the way, your links to the places we can purchase the books aren’t working. Just thought I’d let you know so you could fix it!) 💕


  4. YES YES YES YES YOU’RE GOING TO READ THE KINGDOM OF COPPER!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT. Also, your March goals are great. Personally I’ve found that adding something new to your routine, no matter how small, can really help stimulate you out of the feeling of boredom and feeling stuck. I wish you the best in March!!


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