#Project14Lists: 5 Least Liked Books of 2018

Hallelu, guys, gals, and nonbinary pals! I’m back with my second entry for #Project14Lists, a blogging collaborations started by Shealea of That Bookshelf Bitch to celebrate her third anniversary. To know more about Shealea and her journey in the book blogging world, as well as #Project14Lists, you can check out her introductory post here, or the rest of her blog here.

This list is a little bit late, because I promised this would go live yesterday (blame Gail Villanueva and her propensity for turning lunch dates into lunch-until-dinner dates, lol) but I hope you enjoy my list anyway, which today will be about my least liked reads of the year.


I will be doing a wrap-up post of my 5-star reads for the year soon (mostly towards the tail-end of December so I can close the year on a positive note) but I think it’s also important to talk about the books that I didn’t like. After all, as book bloggers, we have the responsibility and the right to talk about both books we immensely disliked (as long as we remain courteous and don’t tag the authors, of course!). That is, after all, why we have this platform.

Without further ado, here are my least liked books of 2018!

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Sky in the Deep – Adrienne Young


I tried to like this, I really did. Vikings! War! Bloodshed! It sounded super interesting. And when I first got my hands on a copy and read the first chapter, I was immediately hooked. The opening battle was one hell of a hook, and it reeled me like fresh tilapia (sorry, I’ve still got Gia Gunn on the brain!). But then the rest of the book happened, and I very quickly found myself falling skimming pages, rolling my eyes, and falling asleep.

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Leah on the Offbeat – Becky Albertalli


I, personally, adored Simon vs. the Homo Sapien Agenda. And when I found out Becky was going to write a wlw sequel featuring everyone’s favorite bisexual drummer, I was ecstatic! But then I started reading it and found myself asking, “Where the hell is Leah, and who is this body double she’s been swapped with?” The Leah from Simon was a snarky ball of sass who loved her friends and struggled with anxiety issues. The Leah from this book, on the other hand, was a stone-cold insensitive bitch without a single ounce of compassion in her body!

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To Kill a Kingdom – Alexandra Christo


Evil mermaids, y’all! Do you know how much I adore evil mermaids? I was so ready to like this. I wanted to like this. I begged myself, please, Kate, for the love of all you hold sacred, turn off your brain and just enjoy the evil mermaids!! But I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. I found myself questioning the logic of characters’ decisions, their motivations, and just found myself sighing and rolling my eyes. It was marketed as dark and violent YA but instead all it had was chemistry-less romance, un-witty banter, confusing dumps, and boring AF characters. Girl, bye!

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All of This is True – Lygia Day Penaflor


THE BETRAYAL. THE SHEER, UTTER BETRAYAL. I thought this book was going to be about a boy who was assaulted by his classmates and how he eventually healed and got himself back to a good place. I was ready for the discussion of a vastly underrepresented issue. I was ready for the compelling conversation that I thought this book was going to ignite. But nope! Instead, it’s about someone who committed assault finding redemption. No, I am not here for this. Not in this house. Take your abuser apology nonsense elsewhere.

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In the Vanishers’ Palace – Aliette de Boudard


Everything I want to say about this weird AF retelling of Beauty and the Beast can be summed up in one word: slimy. (Or you could read Shealea’s more thorough mini-review here.)

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There you have it: my five least liked books of 2018. Now, I wanna hear from you!

☕ Do you agree with anything on this list?
☕ Were any of these books actually your fave?
☕ What were your least liked books of 2018?

That’s it for tonight! See you for the next entry in #Project14Lists!

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11 thoughts on “#Project14Lists: 5 Least Liked Books of 2018

    • It most certainly is! I always encourage people to go ahead and post their negative reviews if they feel really strongly about them!

      (And who knows, maybe you’ll have a different experience with To Kill a Kingdom than I did? Lmao.)


  1. I didn’t read any of these, so that’s probably a good thing? I don’t remember my least liked books of the year which is probably a good thing? Or a bad thing for the books if they are that unremarkable that I can’t even remember them…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I actually had a really tough time reviewing All of This is True. Though I loved the writing, idek there were times where it felt too twisty for me. I was also honestly disappointed with the way Jonah’s character was handled in that book and the ending could have been better. Also, I totally understand where you’re coming from with Leah on the Offbeat. Though she’s still my queen, there were some points in the book that I myself found very disappointing.

    It’s always refreshing to read lists like these and I commend you for that, Kate. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • All of This is True threw me, and not in a good way. I honestly thought that the guy had been abused at his old school and it was gonna be about him healing – only to find out it was the exact opposite. It was so triggering honestly and I feel it would’ve been so much worse for actual sexual abuse/harassment survivors.

      I adored Leah in the first book, but it was just like she was totally a different person in the second book? I just couldn’t get behind it!

      Thanks for reading, Bianca!


  3. I DESPISED LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT! And I actually liked Simon Vs The Homo Sapien Agenda too. I was kind of salty that it even won in the Goodreads choice awards DX She was just loud and incredibly btchy for like the whole book? Which is why I DNFed it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really really really liked Leah in Simon vs the Homo Sapien Agenda and I was honestly so excited for her to have her own book! But it’s like she was someone totally different!!

      Liked by 1 person

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