Feels Fest 2018 Recap!

Hey guys, gals, and non-binary pals! I know I literally just said that I was on hiatus – and I still am! – but it’s been exactly one week since I went to my second #romanceclass event, Feels Fest 2018. It was such a blast, and so I wanted to write my first ever recap post!

With a theme of #MCYourself2018, Feels Fest 2018 goers were invited to come dressed as their favorite main characters, or even as their best versions of themselves. There were also several book launches and new releases of old titles, and previews of upcoming releases! I’m particularly looking forward to Chi Yu Rodriguez’s new book which features a bisexual main character! Ya girl is stoked as fuuuuuck.

This is what the lovely #romanceclass people had planned for us that day. There were book launchers and live readings:

And, of course, contests:

As usual, Shealea, Cara, and I went together (we went to the #romanceclass event April Feels Day 2018 together, but I didn’t write a recap). Shealea and I actually came all the way from UP since we had class that day, and Cara had a previous event that she prayed and hoped would end early so she could still go to Feels Fest. See how much we love you, #romanceclass?!

When we got to the Maybank Performing Arts Theater, Feels Fest had already started, so we stayed in the back, checking out the various booths (and basically being irresponsible with our money…). There were stickers, tote bags, cacti (!!!), hand-painted postcards and little dishes, and espadrilles from Flat Maria (still waiting for them to stock up again on the beige striped style!). And of course, print copies of #romanceclass books!

After we’d shopped to our heart’s content (lol, no, we still bought tons of stuff after), we went to listen to the live readings. As always, the feels were everywheeeeeere. And of course, because Shealea was Shealea, she found innuendos and references aplenty in nearly all the live readings – especially from the YA novel Heartstruck, which leads to a question everyone in the audience has for Angeli E. Dumatol, the author – was this novel Flicker or Flair???

(Note: Flicker is #romanceclass’s YA imprint, and Flair is the more…heated imprint, shall we say.)

I have to say though that of all the live readings, my favorite was probably Shipping IncludedLike Nobody’s Watching and Ghost of a Feeling. Shipping Included was just so hella kilig-inducing! Like Nobody’s Watching is, of course, my favorite #romanceclass novel, and Sam and Fred did a jaw-dropping job of bringing Pio and Audrey to life! Ghost of a Feeling, on the other hand, was just so beautifully written (and an important commentary on mental health), and Rachel and Gio did that scene so poignantly – I refuse to believe they didn’t rehearse, it was just too perfect!

All in all, I had such a great time at Feels Fest! Photos were taken, tea was spilled (wink, wink), and, of course, feels were had!

Have a gander at my photos below!

2018-10-06 08.15.33 2.jpg

Finally got my hands on a hard copy of Start Here!

2018-10-06 08.15.35 2.jpg

Another #romanceclass anthology I’ve been wanting to read.

2018-10-06 09.07.46 1.jpg

Fred and Sam bringing Pio and Audrey to life.

2018-10-06 09.08.48 1.jpg

Fred and Gio take us to KPOPOCALYPSE in Shipping Included.

2018-10-06 09.07.46 2.jpg

Shealea dressed as Wednesday Addams (or an innocent Catholic schoolgirl).

2018-10-06 09.00.05 1.jpg

And me as Audrey Alonzo from Like Nobody’s Watching.

2018-10-06 09.00.06 3-01.jpeg

With my fave reader, the so-gorgeous-it-hurts and so-talented-it-hurts Rachel Coates!


MY FAVORITE PHOTO OF THE DAY! With the awesome author of Like Nobody’s Watching and with live reader Fred who gave life to Pio!

2018-10-06 09.00.07 3.jpg

The piping hot tsaa squad! Thank you forever for introducing me to #romanceclass!

And that was how Feels Fest 2018 went! Love as always to #romanceclass. Thank you for building this lovely little world for us romantics-at-heart (and supporters of Filipino creatives) to play in!

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