Pagpuri sa Mga Akdang Pinoy: My Fave Filipino Book Bloggers

Welcome to my last post for the series Pagpuri sa Mga Akdang Pinoy!

I started this series to celebrate Buwan ng Wika by shining a spotlight on Filipino writers. Here I wrote about #romanceclass, I listed down 2018 and 2019’s Filipino authors who were traditionally published , and I reviewed The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco.

But today, I’m going to talk up some Filipino creatives that deserve just as much attention as our favorite authors. These creatives are super integral to an author’s success, not to mention the publishing industry as a whole. Guys, gals, and nonbinary pals – today I give you my favorite Filipino book bloggers!


Cara @ Little Miss Bookworm and Shealea @ That Bookshelf Bitch

No list of my favorite Filipino book bloggers would be complete without my squad, the Enablers. I can’t possibly rank them so they occupy the same top spot on this list! They’ve always been so supportive of my efforts with The Backwards Bookshelf, and are some of my loudest cheerleaders. I really would not have discovered and become a part of this sometimes infuriating but ultimately wonderful community without them.

On top of that, their content is utter quality. Cara writes some of the most thoughtful reviews I’ve ever read, and Shealea’s book blogging game always slays.


Aimee @ Aimee, Always

Aimee’s blog is the aesthetic of my dreams. But aside from looking pretty (both the blog and the girl, btw), Aimee, Always delivers some A+ quality content – including a Mirage blog tour that I took part in! Aimee’s reviews are always really honest and in-depth, and make for great reading for anyone who’s not sure how to start a review. Plus, Aimee includes some really great resources such as coding tips and post ideas for newbies. Man, I wish I’d had my shit together the way Aimee does when I was her age!


Maegan @ Of Stranger Worlds

I’ll be honest – Maegan and I pretty much bonded on Twitter over a mutual hate of everything S.J. Maas has ever written. But once I checked out her blog, she pretty much became one of my favorite reviewers. She’s also got some cool posts on writing first drafts and crafting characters that I found really useful when working on my WIPs!


Erika @ The Nocturnal Fey

Every time I see this girl’s art on my Twitter feed, my mind gets blown. Seriously! Commission this girl right now because I, sadly, cannot (mostly because I am broke and I am not the kind of person who asks for free art from friends, thank you very much). Erika also reads some really interesting books and writes the best reviews for them, leading me to pick up some titles I never would have otherwise!


Camillea @ Camillea Reads

This girl’s discussion posts are always so on point! I almost always have nothing to say after reading them because I’m just internally hollering and clapping and screaming, “Yas, kween!” So many of her posts really made me pause and think and consider so many different iterations of a situation. I love a blogger who can make me learn something new, and Camillea does that in spades!


Karlita @ Tale Out Loud

My sister in looking for and promoting Asian authors and books! I learned about a ton of Southeast Asian, South Asian, and Middle Eastern authors from her blog, which features well-written, finely-crafted reviews, as well as some pretty fun memes and tags!


Zia @ Accio! Blog

While Zia doesn’t blog as frequently as some of the other bloggers on this list, the posts that she does have are extremely quality  Her insights are a treat to read, and her book reviews are thoughtful and use a uniquely Zia lens through which to view the book she’s reviewing. Not to mention I enjoy chatting with (and throwing shade at white people) on Twitter so much.


And these are just some of the bloggers that I love! I know there are tons more out there that I have to discover.

Filipino book bloggers are content creators, and just as part of the concept of Akdang Pinoy as authors and artists are! Show some love for your faves and leave their links in the comments below!

Light and love,



11 thoughts on “Pagpuri sa Mga Akdang Pinoy: My Fave Filipino Book Bloggers

  1. Kate!!! Nateary eye ako!😭 I’m truly grateful for being included on this list! Thank you so much and I’m always here to support you okay?

    Seriously, you made me so happy right now!🤗


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